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Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat 1


Here is our first conversation: Today’s topic, particularly, is the big question of many companies and that many people always asked me. Why would I team up in a strategic alliance?

Fireside Chat 2

In our second fireside chat we talk about how to measure alliances and alliance success. Also we go into the question why now, in the light of the corona virus, is a good moment to perform an alliance health check.

Fireside Chat 3

In our third fireside chat we talk about alliance governance. We discuss what it is and why it is necessary.  Also highlighted is an example of alliance governance in the Nokia – Google alliance that I had been involved in from a Nokia perspective.

Fireside Chat 4

In this fireside chat we talk about alliance partner selection and why it is important. We highlight why you can not simply team up with another company based on the fact that the two CEO’s like each other. There must be more in the partner selection which in some cases will be more a partner assessment rather than a partner selection.

Fireside Chat 5

In this fireside chat, we talk about the Alliance Lifecycle and the reasons why you need to follow an alliance lifecycle (it could be six steps, it could be seven steps, it could be eight steps) for improved alliance success.

Fireside Chat 6

In this 6th fireside chat conversation we talk about alliances and partnerships we see develop to jointly, in partnership, deal with the corona pandemic.

Fireside Chat 7

This fireside chat is a response to a few questions we received to earlier fireside chats on LinkedIn. One question specifically was about “How do you create new alliance opportunities in the current environment?” and in line with that there was a remark about creating new value.

Fireside Chat 8

Trust is an essential element for building and managing alliances and partnerships. But what is trust, and can you measure trust? In this fireside chat we talk about trust in alliances and how you can measure it by using the Trust Equation.

Fireside Chat 9

Culture is an essential topic when it comes to creating and managing successful alliances and partnerships. Culture determines to a large extent how people behave and communicate. With two or more organizations working together you will face at least two and likely more different cultures. In this fireside chat we discuss some of the cultural aspects in alliances.

Fireside Chat 10

Value and alliances, many people talk about creating a win-win. We believe that it should be a win-win-win. Without the third win it is useless to team up in alliances or partnerships. In this Alliance Fireside chat we talk about value and alliances and highlight the value iceberg, the value triangle and why it is essential to have a three way win in alliances and partnerships.

Fireside Chat 11

In this Alliance fireside chat Peter Simoons and I talk about the alliance launch moment in which 3 elements are important:


1) Having all stakeholders on board

2) Ensuring a proper launch / kickoff meeting

3) Building an 100 day plan for the alliance.

Fireside Chat 12

In this Alliance fireside chat Peter Simoons and I talk about customer-supplier partnerships.

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