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Collaboration Needs to Be a Leadership Competence

Picture this scenario… Before the onslaught of Coronavirus we were in a world which was having to change due to digital technologies, the need to innovate, and the fact that the customers/consumers were choosing how they wanted to buy products and services (customer centricity).

Companies were having to transform due to this tsunami heading their way.

There were a number of CEO studies conducted by many advisory reports that suggested that almost 75% of CEOs recognised that in order to grow, transform and innovate, they had to leverage a partnering strategy.

However, there is also evidence that failure rates in partnering sits at anywhere from 50% to 75%.

The main reason for that failure is that partnering is a skill and competency that has to be mastered, but it is a necessary leadership competency that is missing.

Then Coronavirus struck. The tsunami described above has just become bigger and is now upon us.

I now see a number of advisory reports and important publications that say that companies will need to adopt digital, and transform as the people who need their services, products or solutions will have very different needs.

In addition, the availability of money from an investment perspective will be very tight. Therefore, the only way of riding on top of this tsunami and getting onto the other side will be through partnering and collaboration.

However, with failure rates being as high as they are, this will be a challenge for leaders. A key way to drive success in the area of partnering will be to get leaders, and their teams competent on collaboration and partnering, as they need to be able to drive this successfully in their businesses. Otherwise the tsunami will drown them.

So how will these leaders acquire the collaborative competencies they need?

My Alliance Partner, Peter Simoons and I deliver world class Alliances & Partnerships Masterclasses, that will change the way that companies develop and mange their partners successfully – forever!

Our purpose is very clear. That is to help leaders become stellar collaborative professionals so that they can create and manage successful partnerships, and therefore navigate their business above the tsunami and beyond.

Visit for more information.

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