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Coronavirus Creates a Burning Platform

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Coronavirus has created a burning platform for most companies in almost every industry sector. What would you do when you have burning platform? You have to survive, pivot, transform & adapt.

My Alliance Partner, Peter Simoons and I are seeing some great examples of how organisations are transforming and adapting by leveraging Alliances, Partnerships, Ecosystems and collaboration in general.

We are seeing this in a number of ways:


· This collaboration is between competitors as we have seen in the retail grocery sector whereby big supermarket chains are working together to ensure their shelves are being stocked at rapid pace.

· We have also seen a case of competing Biopharama companies coming together to find a vaccine against Coronavirus.

Thinking outside the box: Where unlikely organisations (public and private) are coming together in partnership to create solutions.

· Such as University College London (UCL), University College London Hospital (UCLH) and Mercedes F1 coming together to develop and deliver life-saving breathing equipment for patients to keep patients outside of intensive care.

· An Alliance announced between businesses, research institutions and universities in order to boost testing capacity for front line workers.

And there are a whole host of other collaborations, including organisations having to collaborate with their strategic suppliers in order to innovate, pivot and transform.

This is all fantastic to see. However there is now a burning platform within this overall burning platform. This inner burning platform and the challenge, is how to ensure that the collaborations, partnerships and alliances truly deliver the value that they are set up for. Unless the drivers of these collaborations know and understand the “secret sauce” of how to drive successful partnering activities, we are not going to see the best desired outcomes from these partnering activities.

In addition, as we come out of this pandemic, we are going to be part of a new normal, and we believe that there will be a huge need for organisations to be agile and adapt quickly, and partnering will be major enabler in this new norm.

As Strategic Alliances & Partnering professionals ourselves, this is an area that Peter Simoons and I live and breathe, and we have the experience and knowledge to help drive these successful outcomes.

Tune in to our fireside chats and take a look at our Online Alliances & Partnerships Masterclass programme

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